Very Large DXF File on Export

Hi all. I’ve got my plywood based model laid out on sheets, 8 sheets in the largest file, and exported to DXF. The resulting file size is 122MB. On the options I exported edges and text only.

The only reason I can possibly see for such a large file is that I have maybe around 30 layers in the SU file. Could this be the reason? Anything I can do to reduce the file to a manageable size for emailing?


I doubt that the layers would make that difference .You could test by doing a Select All, Paste in Place into a new document, to see what one layer would give you.

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Hi Colin. I did as you suggested and it reduced even the biggest file to under 1MB. :slight_smile: Thanks for that suggestion. When I pasted the parts into a document it created only the layers that were used and not all of the layers in the model. Bit of a muck around but did the trick, thanks.


It would be interesting to go into one of the big files, choose Model Info/Statistics, and Purge Unused. See if that also gets rid of things not really being used.

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