V-Ray and SketchUp 2022 compatibility update

UPDATE (1.27.2022): The compatibility issue with V-Ray and SketchUp 2022 has been fixed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, SketchUp 2022 is not compatible with V-Ray at the moment. We expect this issue to be fixed early next week. In the meantime, you can save your SketchUp file in the 2021 version and then render it in V-Ray separately. Another option is to reinstall SketchUp 2021. To download older versions of SketchUp, please visit Download All | SketchUp.

We are working closely with our partner, Chaos, to update V-Ray so it is compatible with SketchUp 2022. We expect to share this update with you no later than the end of next week (February 4, 2022). You can access and download the V-Ray extension on the My Apps page.

Again, we apologize for any disruption to your work. Please keep an eye on this post for more updates.

Thank you,

Olivia, Product manager for SketchUp Studio


SketchUp 2022 does not have an option to save to v2021, as SketchUp 2021 can open .skp files from newer versions.

It would be necessary to have SketchUp 2021 installed, open the v2022 skp file in SketchUp 2021, and then use the Save A Copy As… command to a v2021 file (giving it a differenced name if want to keep it v2022 file,) or the Save As… command to overwrite the file as a v2021 file.


Hi noted, the post has been updated to be more accurate. Thanks for the comment!

Just some feedback in regards to the products page in the Account Management Portal (AMP). It would be cool if you could add information of compatibility to the V-Ray “card” sometime in the future:

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That’s a very good idea! I will definitely take it on board. Thanks :slight_smile:

As of January 27, 2022, the compatibility issue with V-Ray and SketchUp 2022 has been fixed. Please let us know if you are experiencing any other issues. Thank you!


And Enscape?

i just installed sketchup 2022 and v ray does not work! what isssue is fixed if its not working??

After installing SketchUp, make sure it is closed and then go to my.chaosgroup.com and download the latest version of V-Ray for SketchUp.
Install that, restart the computer and open SketchUp to see if it works.