Using Sketchup for complete construction documents

1205 water view-09132019.pdf (6.3 MB)

Not done yet but here is 13 sheets coming out of 2 SketchUp Files and 2 Layout Files. It’s not Perfect but it’s getting better.


thanks for sharing

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These drawings for a locomotive shed addition were done with Sketchup, Layout, and Skalp. Enjoy!
Also I have only been in the design industry for two years, so any critiques or advice is welcome!
DAS train shed addition JB 9-6-19.pdf (6.0 MB)


We’ve used SketchUp as a BIM tool since about 2005. We have always had to export DWG and bring it into a CAD program to do cleanup (we use PowerCADD on a Mac), since SketchUp could not do line weights or dashed lines, and once we brought it to CAD, the text was always messed up, too (wrong size, off-center, etc.).
We invented FlatText and DPLineStyler to deal with the latter two problems, but we still have to use PowerCADD to get the correct line weights for PDF output.
We’ve tried Layout, but found that it does not do everything we need. If it had a way to automatically assign line weights (and line cap & joint styles) based on color, we might give it another try.

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Dpc --What do the DPLineStyler dashed lines become in PowerCADD. Groups?

Cannot export groups out of SketchUp to 2D DWG, so no - just lines.
I translate to PCAD through 2D DWG, and SketchUp’s translator is pretty basic - just lines.
The way I typically would set up, say, a HVAC plan sheet in PCAD, there will be these layers:

  • FlrXX HVAC - sheet-specific info, notations, etc. created in PCAD.
  • FlrXX HVAC SKP - the linework exported (via DWG) from a SketchUp scene and “prettied up” in PCAD (set line thicknesses, adjust colors, etc.)
  • FlrXX Plan - The architect’s background, typically imported from their DWG file and cleaned up.
  • Grid - The structural grid, also imported from the Architect’s CAD. Other things common to all plans may also be put here.
  • Tblock - The title block (and things common to all sheets in the drawing set).
    I would love to do all this in Layout, but it’s just not quite there yet - might never be at the price they’re (not) charging for it! :wink:
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When I work on Construction documents, I uses SU ConDoc Tools very much helpful. This is paid but really a great resource by Mike.

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