Using Rubymine, No SDK specified

Tried several times. When running the *.rb files, the event log shows “No SDK specified” .

Can you elaborate a bit on the context of what you are doing?

When you say you are “running” the files - are you trying to debug using RubyMine?

Ruby scripts written for SketchUp (“SketchUp extensions” or plugins) usually also use methods from SketchUp’s Ruby API.

Rubymine does by default not know about SketchUp and the Ruby API would only be available at runtime within SketchUp’s Ruby interpreter (there is no stand-alone SketchUp Ruby library or gem). That means you cannot run SketchUp extensions in Rubymine’s Ruby interpreter or any stand-alone Ruby installation.

For developing SketchUp extensions using Rubymine, the best practice is:

  • You can load SketchUp Ruby API stub files that allow Rubymine to know what methods the API contains. Then Rubymine will highlight when you make a mistake (or not anymore highlight all valid SketchUp-related things in red).
  • You can test code either by
    • reloading the Ruby files frequently from within SketchUp’s Ruby console (or Ruby Console+): load("/path/to/my/script.rb")
    • or setting up a connection between Rubymine’s debugger and SketchUp, so that it will run the script by launching SketchUp and using SketchUp’s Ruby interpreter.

How were you trying to run the *.rb files in Rubymine?

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Many thanks for your professional reply.