Use dongle to copy with base point and then paste with insertion point

It would be nice if, before we copied an object, we could place the dongle and Layout would memorize that reference point.

Then, when we would paste an object, instead of paste in place we’d get a paste with insertion point and we could place the dongle reference somewhere in the project.

Is that an official name for something in LayOut ?

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In the US, a dongle is a small keying device that is plugged into a computer (in the past plugged into serial ports, later USB ports,) that allowed a licensed user to use a commercial application. And people hate(d) them.

Why would anyone want to use a hated name for anything ?

Would “gizmo” be a better term ?

Thanks Dan,

You’re probably right. I thought I read somewhere that dongle was the name of that thing. I guess my native english isn’t that good anymore since I was born portuguese :wink:

I think I’ll call my gizmo Mr. Dongle from now on as I’m growing fond of it.

So, do you have an opinion on the usability of such a feature request? Probably some idea to make it better or something agains it?

I do see a datum marker (with a rotate handle sticking out on the right,) in the center of an object’s boundingbox, when it is selected.

We have drag this datum marker around manually. But if we leave the selection, and re-select the object, this datum marker is moved back to the boundingbox’s center. This is way annoying.

So I am all for “scraps”, groups or components having a settable origin point, that remains where it is set. And it would then be used to place instances of whatever “blocks” are called in LayOut.

I am usually annoyed at how LayOut tools and workflow is so much different than SketchUp.

Anyway, I’d vote +1 for a settable origin on groups / scraps / blocks.

Mr. Dongle is having a personality breakdown as he doesn’t know if he’s a gizmo or a datum marker now.

I agree with you. ANY way of having groups with reference points, scrapbooks with reference points and also (copy paste with reference point,) would be welcome,

Yes, there are Callout scraps that we’d think would have the point of the arrow being the insert “handle”, but it is not. Apparently the center of the scrap is the “handle.”

Oh boy, do I hate the word “scrap”. Even “doodle” would have been a better word.

And why couldn’t they’d just imitated Visio and called them “stencils” ?

And I wish they would behave like components…

They look like components, they would behave like components… and if so they could actually be components.

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