Update the UI for SU Pro 2020


Yes PLEASE!!! But i don’t think Trimble is listening :frowning:
The UI is so so dated.
Also by improving the UI you could speed up the Startup which currently is terribly slow with opening up all the plug-ins, etc.
If they carry on ignoring it, people will start moving away to other equally good and better alternatives which are more affordable or even free like ‘Blender’ which even includes 2 render engines.
Currently Sketchup is not worth the £120/year maintenance fee with virtually ZERO real functional improvements. They just rely on the Plug-In Developers to sort out all the problems and that’s not on!
Sketchup 2020 is my last try with Sketchup… and then if no real improvements… it is time to move on… Sad but true.

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Agree completely - the Materials interface in OS X is an unusable mess for any kind of organized workflow heading to rendering.