Update Model Reference in Layout by editing path by typing

As a residential architect I have many jobs that need to move through my Sketchup and Layout workflows. Since my client folders on my hard drive are all organized the same with all their corresponding documents and Sketchup files, I could save a lot of time by just changing the client name part of the Reference path in Document Setup in Layout.

For example,
…Documents/Clients/Smith/Electrical/Electrical Panel Riser to Documents/Clients/Jones/Electrical/Electrical Panel Riser

Or even better, by selecting a whole client folder for the entire Layout file, all the more specific references would update accordingly so I don’t have to go though and edit each reference in my Layout document.

Does this exist?
Can this be in a future update?


  • Matt Pfeiffer, KuoStudios, Washignton DC

It doesn’t currently exist but it might be possible for a Ruby guru to write a script that could parse through a folder looking for the various file types that can be inserted into LayOut and replace the existing references. That could be kind of a cool option.

You can change the extension to .zip and open the right xml file with notepad, search for references and see how it is organised.
Replace references, zip the files back and rename to .layout
See what happens…

Off course, use at own risk…

I approached a simular way for the autotext tags, because that would be different as well?