Update C Plugin to 2024 issue

You can check your *.so file and dll’s to see what dependencies they have…

SU 2023 does not include libffi.dll, SU 2024 does.

We found the issue. Our plugin uses a newer version of tbb.dll than the installed Sketchup version (which only became part of the Sketchup install with 2024). Our version on the left, Sketchup’s version on the right

If we copy our tbb.dll into the C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2024 folder, our plugin works (only for validation, not as a solution).

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Good catch!

It appears that this edition is old and looks like the latest revision (of this old edition) is 2018 Update 2:

The Threading Building Blocks library is now part of the OneAPI toolset.

The library is now named tbb12.dll and there is a much newer release (2024-APR-12) here …

There is also an official forum:

Our workaround will be to rebuild our plugin with the tbb version that matches the one Sketchup 2024 ships with

Agreed. This is all you can do until SketchUp ships with a newer version of the library.

Glad you found the problem.

If one searches both SU’s app and ‘shipped’ plugin folders, there are two different versions of tbb.dll and one version of tbb12.dll. There are also other related dll’s, I didn’t check their versions.

Edit: Opened an issue in api-issue-tracker

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