How do I get amslib to be called properly on the 2024?

Hi guys, I’m having a problem, my extension needs to be compatible with sketchup 2024 which was announced yesterday, but my extension calls ams_library, how do I compile it so that it can be called correctly by ruby 3.2. Prior to this, I was using ams_lib 3.7.1b which contains .so files for ruby 2.5 and 2.7, and they are there to allow my extension to call ams_lib correctly on previous versions of sketchup. obviously, I’m a ruby rookie, and I don’t know a thing about C. Now, I’m begging one of you to tell me how to solve this, and I’ve got to watch! I’ve looked at the api documentation for ams_lib, and it seems to describe how to compile it, but I can’t understand it at all, and the links to the tools in it are all gone.thanks!!

I would contact Anton Synytsia over on SketchUcation where he posted the old version of the library.

Ask him (nicely) to recompile for Ruby 3.2 …

ping @Anton_S

Thank you! You are very much appreciated!

After waiting for a few days, I found that I might not be able to wait for the update of the ams library, so I adjusted my extension to avoid using the ams library.

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