Unit measurement setting

I selected meters in the setting box with no effect on the app. I’m using sketchup free version on the web
Thanks for your help

What are you expecting to have happen after changing the units to meters? Share you model file with us so we can see what you’ve got.

thanks Dave

I expect to dialog in the selected units in the box at the bottom

That didn’t share your .skp file. Download it to your computer and share the file here. All I can do with the link you shared is orbit, zoom, and pan around the model space.

Thanks Dave I’ve tried without success to copy the file.
My problem has nothing to do with the drawing.
My problem is that Sketchup does’nt accept the measures unit I want to work with
I select meters in the dialog box of settings without effect

There are a couple of options for changing the units. It sounds like you are changing the ones in the top left hand menu drop down, App Settings. This changes the units in the default template that opens. So if you have change it there you need to open a New model for the changes to show.
Another option is to change the units in the Model Info icon on the right hand toolbar, this one will change the units within the current model, but will not change the default template units.

For future reference, To share a model here for us to look at you need to use the top left icon, drop down to download, download a .skp and attach that here.

Thanks. I’ve start a new session and I could switch to the units I wanted.

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