Unexpected File Format on Sketchup Project

One of my project files has gotten corrupted.

When I try to open the file it says “unexpected file format”

I’ve had this problem before and someone on here has been able to help me with it.

Here’s the link to the file

I was able to recover the file:

Thank you!

This would have completely derailed the beginning of my week. It’s a relief that you were able to fix it.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

Once it happened to me a few weeks ago I started keeping backups of my files, but both of the files were corrupted this time.

“…many times we have seen corrupt files 99% of the time it is due to saving to a network drive…”

You can read read the entirely discussion here:

Sketch up has crashed every time I’ve saved work in the last 2 weeks - SketchUp / Pro - SketchUp Community

I saved this particular one to my D drive. The project that had the same problem a few weeks ago was saved to a folder on my desktop.

In a case like yours, you did some action that caused some elements to get duplicate IDs. Normal SketchUp doesn’t cope well with that, but I have tools that can.

I’m hoping we will get a case where someone has the file before the problem occurred, knows exactly what action they had done to lead to the problem, and is able to redo the steps and see the issue again. Then we can look at why that action causes the problem.

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Any clue about what can make this happen? Plugin? Copy-pasting from another file?

No idea yet.

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