Unassociated help "chapters"

Via the Help Center search, I’ve come across some unassociated help “chapters”:

Are these just old content “left in the dust” of the Drupal User Guide remodel ?

@jody, any idea ?

The contents specify valid information, obviously. By “unassociated” do you mean that these topics are not referenced or indexed in the Help Center Table of Contents?

Yes, “associated” by a link in the appropriate User Guide content,
from it’s right column navigation tree, which is labeled “Chapters”.

By not being in a book they end up being a searchable topic but not necessarily browsable (though from the right page and a tag link they would be.

They aren’t really left in the dust per se, but rather we haven’t really found a best book or chapter that is about tips and tricks. They need some love and I’ll look into if we can fit them into a chapter, or make their own. They are all SketchUp specific so at the very list we could create a Miscellaneous Tips section if need be. (c:

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To help you further as to where their links should go in the nav list …

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Thanks for the suggestions Dan, some of these homeless articles sit in a “when I get around to it” status and are easily forgotten. Those 3 articles in particularly were originally written as long form tutorials for getting the best content possible in the 3D Warehouse and were “sort of” unlisted. There is so much useful info in there though, it really seems foolish to not make them easier to find. I’ve included them in the book properly.