Unassociated help "chapters"



Via the Help Center search, I’ve come across some unassociated help “chapters”:

Are these just old content “left in the dust” of the Drupal User Guide remodel ?


@jody, any idea ?


The contents specify valid information, obviously. By “unassociated” do you mean that these topics are not referenced or indexed in the Help Center Table of Contents?


Yes, “associated” by a link in the appropriate User Guide content,
from it’s right column navigation tree, which is labeled “Chapters”.


By not being in a book they end up being a searchable topic but not necessarily browsable (though from the right page and a tag link they would be.

They aren’t really left in the dust per se, but rather we haven’t really found a best book or chapter that is about tips and tricks. They need some love and I’ll look into if we can fit them into a chapter, or make their own. They are all SketchUp specific so at the very list we could create a Miscellaneous Tips section if need be. (c: