Unable to active update 2021

Anyone else having this problem? I am trying to activate my PAID upgrade Sketchup 2021 and it just sits there showing the title page and asking me to MANAGE MY ACCOUNT? When I go in the site does not show me paid? I contacted Jayme and Michael. Michael sent me a PAID COPY of my invoice? Trimble sent me a Congratulations? I really, after paying this huge upgrade price to get back to work!!

Do you have Shop or Pro? Your profile is incomplete. Please update it, the info helps to answer the questions.

So you’ve installed SketchUp 2021? Did you try signing in under the Subscription tab? You would use the email address and password you used for your Trimble account when you purchased the subscription.

Pro and yes I did update my profile even before I contacted Michael. Thanks for responding I appreciate the help.

Yes Dave, I appreciate the response. What happens is unlike before where I get the prompt to login to Trimble and the then it says your ready to go? It says active on my profile for 2021? Michael sent me the Paid Invoice. It is frustrating. I get the static Sketchup landing page that says manage your account in a blue box. When I hit that it goes straight to Plans, like it wants me to pay again!!!

I see something that may matter. When you go to the management page you have a list of any accounts your email is known under. You have your personal accounts, but you also have a Lions Breath account. Thats the one that has the subscription.

I think that it looks ok, but if you want to double check the subscription, make sure to choose the Lions one from the list of accounts.

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Yes, I asked Jayme about that, she did not respond. I am not sure how or why I got two accounts? Thanks, Colin I appreciate you taking time to check that for me. Steve