UI.savepanel has forgottten MRU directory?

This has suddenly stopped working for me. The savepanel dialog no longer remembers the last directory I saved to. I’m on Windows 11, SU23. Anyone else having this issue?

sd_file = UI.savepanel("Save Shop Drawings", "", drawing_name)

drawing_name does have a .skp extension.

Yes, I also see the issue on Win10 in SU24.

Note that the MRU feature has never been an explicit API contract with the API open and save dialogs.

What most coders have done is try to use the model’s path or save the previous path to a variable (and write it into a default.) This can be for your extension as a session variable.

Or … you can use a ModelObserver with the #onPostSaveModel and #onAfterComponentSaveAs callbacks to watch all model saves and grab the last save path.

The alternate solutions will be cross-platform.

Thanks, Dan. I’ll write a default value. In fact, I can save different paths for different situations, which would be an improvement over the old windows behavior.