Tyson polygon decorative surface

Tyson polygons are often used in architectural or industrial exterior design.

  1. Draw a rectangular plane of any size, parallel to the XY-axis.

  2. Use the Construction Tools plugin to draw points arbitrarily on the plane, ensuring they do not exceed the rectangular plane.

  3. Select all, use the VoronoiXY tool to generate Tyson polygon, delete all points, select all Tyson polygon, then explode.

  4. Use the Select Only tool to select the edge, then use the Lines to Columns tool to generate borders.

  5. Finally fill in the material and complete.

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Haem, it might be better if you provided links to the two extensions as well :slight_smile:

I suppose this one is the Voronoi tool

is construction tool this one ?

Thank you for your suggestion; I will take it into consideration. However, I’m afraid that such actions might be seen by the staff as advertising. :joy:

it’s advertising if you start going around in various old topics to promote your extension.
And even then, if it’s good advice and your extension actually solves the issue, it’s accepted.

if you make a tutorial it’s normal to quote the tools you’ve been using. if you don’t, it’s not a tutorial, just you showing a model.

Ok, I got it. Thanks.