Trouble with transparent materials on export from layout

Exporting layout file seems to entirely change what it looks like. I dont mind the increased detail its giving on some of the images, thats great and im sure has something to do with my screen settings, however any lines behind a transparent material are lost. the transparent materials are not becoming opaque because if i use textures or colours you can still see those through the material, but the edge lines dissapear. I need my images to be line art only, so this unfortunately does not work as a work around. I have tried exporting as images instead to no improvement, and am rendering using raster. Ive also tried with and without jpeg compression and with and without pdf layers to no avail.

Here is the image after being exported to pdf:
There are things visible through the window in layout

What’s render type for the viewport?

It would help if you share the LayOut file so we can see your exact setup.

Monochrome face style or Vector rendering ignore transparency. Hidden Line doesn’t.

render type is rasterize, here is a link to the alyout file Sign in to your account

I Had the same issue when using hidden line, im not using vector, but the issue is slightly different to what is produced when using vector, with vector transparent materials become totally opaque, whereas colours can be seen through my transparent objects, just lines, also, the issues with vector can be seen within layout, whereas my issues only appear when i export

Turn off the Output Override before exporting the PDF.
Screenshot - 3_27_2024 , 4_05_11 PM

Brilliant, thankyou so much!