Trouble with connecting curved and straight surfaces

I am having a problem with making a large chamfer on a simple block piece. Not sure i can upload the pics I made for this, so have to describe it.

It is a rectangular 2x2x6 block, top surface divided into 3 equal 2x2 surfaces. I then raised the two outside squares an extra inch, making the top look notched. I need to add a chamfer on the inside corners with the same radius as the height of the block. So I add a circle on the front of the block, 1 unit in from the inside corner, then used Push/Pull tool to push out the chamfer.

All looked good, so I deleted the construction lines and remaining pieces of the circle. But when I deleted the line between the top surface and chamfer, the top surface goes away.

So how to I join this curved surface with the top flat surface? Visually it doesn’t bother me since I’ll be printing this via Shapeways, but I’ concerned that the extraneous line/surface break would give an error in the STL file and/or 3D print.

Mike Conder

I expect the solution is simple enough if we could see your SKP file. How about uploading it with the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message window.

As Dave said, the .skp file would be helpful to try to help you.
After uploading the .skp file you can use that button again to attach a picture to show us what you need.

Test 2Test 3Test 4Test 1Steam chest test.skp (1.2 MB)

Ah, those buttons are gray’ed out so I thought they weren’t functional.

Hopefully all will be attached …

Mike Conder

Is this what you want?


Exactly! I figure I’m missing something pretty basic …

Mike Conder

Hold CTRL while you click on the edges with the Eraser tool.

Through the menu view > hidden geometry and using the option show endpoints temporaly you will be able to understand better what’s happening.


You will see several lines with dots, they’re are edges that are soften and smooth.
You could make all of them visible with the eraser tool + control + shift
You can soft and smooth them with eraser tool + control


The lines you see are connecting the edges and with the arcs


What I did to fix it was using the eraser tool holding the control key that works as modifier and lets you soft and smooth those edges.

Thanks, that worked like a charm!

Mike Conder

I to ,Ithink you have to sort out the segments of the corner radius ,in entity,edit is possible ,so that you have a symmetry line junction to the straight line ZOOM IN ,Jon,

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