Trouble creating a cylindrical shape

This is driving me crazy. I was trying to use Artisan to sculpt an undulating ridge along a cylinder but the tool was creating all sorts of artifacts. (Posted in that forum as well.)

So then it dawned on me that I could delete the inner face and top and bottom and try to just sculpt a single face. Well this seemed to work very well but now I can’t figure out how to recreate the solid.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

You could use Joint Push/Pull to give it thickness.

How large is the object your modeling?

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It’s telling me I cannot use Push/Pull on curved or smoothed surfaces.

I’m finding that I can’t work with this shape/face really at all and am not sure why the inner face is red. I’m guessing it’s not really a “face,” as anytime I clock on the object, it highlights the entire thing - front and back.

The object has a diameter of 700mm.

If you read what I wrote, I typed Joint Push/Pull. This is an extension, not the native Push/Pull. You can get it from Sketchucation.

Red is the color for back faces which comes from the style you’ve chosen to use. Most of the native styles use a blue gray back face color but the 3D printing style uses red because proper face orientation is critical for 3D printing.

You might find it easier to work with if you scale it up to 700 meters.

Good stuff - thanks for the help.

I’ll try scaling up and grabbing the Joint Push/Pull :slightly_smiling_face:

Joint Push/Pull worked!

Thanks so much for the help!


and now the question…

what is it ?

It will be a 3D printed display stand for a DROOL product


Suggestion for 3D printing: Set your model units to meters and model as if millimeters are meters. Export the .stl with the export units set to Meters. Import into your slicer with the units set to millimeters. No need to scale up and down or any other gymnastics. Here’s an example.

This is the model as created in SketchUp.

And the 3D printed parts.

Machinist Jack parts

And the parts assembled.

Machinist Jack

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Thanks for the tip on scaling!

The scaling trick works because stl has no ability to convey units; it just gives numbers. So, it is up to the creating and consuming apps to decide what units those numbers mean. If they make different choices, scaling results.