Trimble Sketch Up for iPad - ‘Scan to Design’ Availability

Today I’ve been watching a great You Tube which the Scottish Sketch Up man forwarded. I’ just wondering tho if this ‘Scan to Design’ option for
Sketch Up for iPad using LIDDAR technology is available to everyone through the Trimble ID Account Management page, for those of us, enjoying using Sketch Up for iPad via Higher Educational Licenses. There must be someone else out there wondering about the same issue, surely. Oh the reason I’m typing this up on here is that I don’t seem to be able to access that Account Management page myself, at the moment. Angus Fordyce. Sketch Up for iPad, Fan. !!!

Is it your own iPad? Or one provided through school?
Ask them to update the app to the latest version.
Otherwise you could just update to the latest version.

@AngusFordyce Thanks for your interest and for the great questions about Scan and SketchUp for iPad.

Information about SketchUp Higher Education subscriptions (for Students, Educators, and Universities) can be found here: 3D Software for Educators | 3D Educational Software | SketchUp | SketchUp
You’ll see that these subscription offerings do include access to SketchUp for iPad.

SketchUp Network Lab Licenses are “classic licenses” that do not include access to many of the products and services available to subscribers.