Transformations appear to be abandoned after application

Hello Everyone,

I’m comming back here to finf some help because I really don’t understand what append…
I’m trying to apply transformations to the elements that I have drawn into groups to position them. But unfortunately when an another action is run the transformetion is erased (look at the video : the last transformetion is visible and when I move the camera, this is reinitialised…

If I launch my modification by command manually under SU, but not using my script, it works and is retained…

After posting my code, which is hudge, just let me knox what do you need if you need to check something you’re thinking of :wink:

Does someone know on which direction I should take a look. I really don’t understand what append here !

Thanks for your helps and answers :slight_smile:

What’s that “no method” error message about in your console? Could it be that when you commit the operation, the work you did is being aborted? Without seeing your code, I can’t tell, but that’s where I would start. CB.

Did you forget to post your code? There’s nothing attached to the topic. So, there’s too much we don’t know to give you more than wild guesses.

For example, what is PH_Toolbar? I couldn’t find it in the EW or at SketchUcation. Is it the extension you are working on? As @daiku pointed out, we can’t tell why that is happening or whether it has any relation to your problem.