Transfer of plugins & preferences

Hello. Just purchased a new laptop, upgraded to 2023. Is it advisable to copy plugins, preferences and short cuts from old lap top or start from scratch?
Last time I was able to download from warehouse, however I don’t see that option presently. Dell Alienware laptop.
Thank you

You can copy shortcuts from the other computer. Export the .dat file from Preferences>Shortcuts. In Options deselect File Locations since they won’t be the same on your other computer. Then import that into your new installation on the new machine.

You could also copy custom materials, components, styles and templates if you have them.

It is generally not recommended to copy extensions from on installation to another unless you don’t mind chasing loading errors. Some extensions will probably be out of date, some will need to be installed with their installers to get things in the right places and some will have licenses that need to be dealt with. If you installed extensions with the Sketchucation Extension Store tool previously, install the current version of that tool and use it to install your bundle of extensions from Sketchucation. Otherwise install all fresh from their sources.

Do you mean mass download and install? The Extension Warehouse did have a feature for that up until a few years ago. Many users are hoping it will come back but so far it hasn’t.

Maybe use this as an opportunity to do a bit of house cleaning and skip extensions you don’t use anyway.


THanks once again Dave. Yes the mass download and install from warehouse was what I was looking for today. Hope it will return. I was able to copy our styles and templates ( tag groups) . A bit of spring cleaning is a good idea. cheers

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