Total Noob

Hiya, Total noob to all this sketch and layout. i bought it to help with my business which is designing and installing fume cupboards and ducting for laboratories etc. i found other programs so difficult.
Sketch up is so in depth but didnt take long to start getting my head around.
I bought it mostly for the Layout part to submit drawings to clients etc. Im starting to gradually get how it works but i know soooo little.
Todays issue and it may be really lame, is that when I draw using the pencil on the grid and I decide to draw a 90 degree angle, the points across the start and end point of my angle create a triangle and blank out the grid. The
thing I don’t get though is if I cross over a pre-drawn section, it also blanks that out as well.
I don’t get it. I’m sire i haven’t ticked or unticked a box in preferences or something. I don’t know a lot of the terminology so that makes things difficult as well… hahaha… and help would be appreciated. Cheers

Fair question. Check your ‘Shape Style’ panel and see if you have the ‘Fill’ button selected. This means that its filling in between your lines by default. If you uncheck that and then draw it should be lines only.
See with it checked and without below (changed color to magenta so it’s easier to see on white paper):

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You are a legend mate. Thank You!

Legend? Hear that @DaveR - JK. I have to do years of posts to catch up to the other Sages on this forum.

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