TIG insignia

Does anyone know why I get a TIG signature on both my SU drawing and Layout output, as attached?

I presume this has something to do with an extension made by @TIG but I’m not sure which.

Needless to say, I’d prefer not to have it.

Maybe his Layer Watcher is running?

I don’t think I have that one. The only ones I can see that I do have of his are 2D Tools and Mirror.

Look at the style. Is it showing as a watermark? 2D tools and Mirror shouldn’t do that.

Bingo. You done it again, boy!

I wonder how that got in there?


Did you perhaps open a file created by him and save the style?

Not to my knowledge but maybe. Anyway, now I know what has caused it and how to get rid of it, I’m a happy bunny.

Perfect. I have a carrot for you. :wink:

A carrot? Now you’re talking. I’ll pop over.

You can just hop. :slight_smile:

Good idea. Just promise me you don’t have any coyotes over your side.

We do have coyotes but based on the number of rabbits in the neighborhood, the coyotes don’t seem to be very successful in their hunting.


Several weeks ago I uploaded/attached a SKP file advising on some aspect of SketchUp use - which used my own Style [with the TIG watermark].

You probably reused that SKP, which then carries the Style / TIG over…

It’s easy enough to edit my Style to omit the watermark, OR to simply delete it and then use a Style of your own choosing…

It is nothing to do with any of my Plugins/Extensions…