Thrupaint/fredotools not installing

I need Fredo Tools thrupaint and it appears that you are supposed to download the Fredotools set. Idownloaded it on sketchucation and installed it on the extension manager but no matter what I do it does not show up in the manager, toolbar or tabs.

Did you install LibFredo6? Did you shut down and restart SketchUp? Did you look for FredoTools in the Tools menu?

Or add the Fredo6Tools toolbar.
Screenshot - 5_4_2021 , 8_48_37 AM

Thank you, I guess my Libfredo6 was out of date. Do you know how I would get the lines here to project horizontally rather than down on the face? I want the stripes to run along the wall horizontally. When I right-click the face, texture repositioning is not an option and none of the axis tools in Thrupaint seem to rotate it correctly.

Extract the wall component from your model and put it in a new file. Then attach that .skp file here so I can see exactly how you’ve got it set up.