The Effect of Image Export Size

I was working with a student earlier today and they asked about image export size so I made the following example. In this case I’m using same sketchy ink style I made for all three images. Exports at screen size, 3000 pixels wide and 6000 pixels wide. Line scale is at 1.0x for all three. I resized the two larger ones to the same size as the smallest one. With creative use of image exports at different sizes, it’s possible to create all sorts of interesting effects.

Here’s just a quick example. Again, the same style, one large at max level of detail in the Edges properties. and a smaller one at minimum level of detail.

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oh yeah, then I suppose you resize, superpose and multiply (or similar feature) ?

that’s a really neat idea ! you could also have the “thick” render with a line style, and the “thin” one with another (or another colour)


Yes. There are lots of options.

Wireframe export combined with AO rendered image:

dashed lines exported from SU with render.

X-ray view of the bench top over solid view of the base.