The difference between mesh construction methods?

I have constructed a Sketchup mesh with SUGeometryInputSetVertices,SULoopInputAddVertexIndex,SUGeometryInputAddFace, just shown as mesh01.

However, I noticed that with the same points and faces’ information from a ‘.fbx’ file, another software convert the model shown as mesh02.

Actually, the second meshes exported by other software is more smooth and soften.

My question is:

  1. What’s the difference between me and other mesh construction method? Isn’t that a triangle mesh?
  2. How can I construct the same soften and smooth mesh as mesh02? What’s other information I need to prepare to fill with corresponding functions?

Thanks for any advice about my issue.

Sounds like you want to set the Soft and Smooth properties for your edges (if I read this correctly.)

  • SUGeometryInputEdgeSetSoft
  • SUGeometryInputEdgeSetSmooth

For more information about the Soft+Smooth properties:

Thanks, tt. Your suggestion solve my problem and make me know more about the soft and smooth properties of Sketchup.

And for my scenario, I use the following two API about the edge within the loop:

  • SULoopInputEdgeSetSmooth
  • SULoopInputEdgeSetSoft
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