Texture file creation

I’m modeling a flight sim scenery Air Traffic Control tower. I have some PBR brick textures - the app I’m using on the flight sim end of things requires all textures to be contained in one
“powers of two” file. The PBR texture I downloaded has come in multiple files like this:

how can I assemble these in my png file so they’ll show up as PBR?

Most probably (very sure) you don’t need to ‘assemble’ all the textures in the image, but the software needs you to create a single texture that contains the different textures in the model (eg: wood, metal, galss, etc…) in a single one, and this will maybe have the other materials - DIFF, NORM, ROUGH, etc… to create a PBR.

I don’t understand.
I need to put all of the files shown above in one PNG file, right?

Something like this:

or this

so just put the base image in?

Watch at least a few tutorials on YouTube on how to create assets for games to get an idea.

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I believe that each of the separate PBR images would still be in its own file, but would include all of what is needed to match the texture map that mihai showed. Only putting the images into the base image would not help, you would need to put the matching Roughness images into one texture map that matched the base image, etc.

SketchUp doesn’t handle PBR materials, are you using a renderer plugin of some sort?

Dont know how i missed this…
Well, technically, the flight simulator (x-plane 12) would be handling the rendering I suppose?

Yeah, X-Plane will have it’s own material format I imagine with all of those combined into several files that it knows how to make sense of.

It looks like you need a minimum of 2 , there seem to be a few fan tools and plugins for blender to help do this .

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