Terrain from point cloud

CC with CSF Filter > 3D mesh


LOL, oi vey, how in the wide world of sports did I miss that?!!! :rofl:

Well, guess I’m off to go test it out with a few projects!

Wow - you need the newest version of CC to have that option.

I do notice though with that mesh-function that the resulting terrain has different slopes / height compared to using the isolines and TopoShaper in SU. Must test more…

Edit: just tested some more.
I get the best results when doing: pointcloud in CC → rasterize to isolines → export as dxf → import dxf in SU → TopoShaper.
When creating the mesh in CC using the CSF filter, the mesh-terrain doesn’t match the pointcloud that well, even if I set the resolution to the double amount of faces compared to using the isolines method.

So, if you are using the CSFfilter-mesh method, do check the mesh in CC to see if the source-pointcloud matches it well.

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I somehow got the terrain in to sketchup and from there to Twinmotion. now I just have to do the rest of the work :slight_smile: . its ok enough


This stuff is pretty advanced for me. I simply import a topographic map from GIS, trace it on a separate face positioned above the image creating faces between the topo lines, then push pull them to the proper elevations.
Use the From Scratch sand box tool to create 3d mesh. See my YouTube channel: Christopher A Krupp . architect, PDF to topography
Some cleaning up is usually required, but it’s minor. Works well and is pretty accurate.