"Tag tool" won't work correctly with set current tag by "Tag Tool bar"

Hi, I found a bug with Tag Tool bar
Follow image attached:
(3) just works with (2), not with (1)

If I’m understanding what you are trying to say.
That Tag toolbar only changes the active Tag, personally I have no use for it, the Tag tool will change the Tag according to what is highlighted in the Tag window.
So, from your screenshot, clicking on any cube with the Tag tool now will assign the Tag m_plastic to that cube, and that will appear in Entity info.
Note the pencil symbol is showing next to m_wood which is the active Tag as shown in the rather redundant toolbar.
Changing the active Tag is something they have been trying to get people to stop doing, except when they really understand why they are doing it.
The general consensus is to leave Untagged as active all the time. Please don’t ask me why the toolbar exists if it doesn’t do what you want as I do not know.

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I mean:

  • If we manually click the pencil in tag Panel to set current tag. Tag tool will work correctly.
  • If we use Tag Toolbar to set current tag. Tag tool won’t work.

Thanks for reply.

I think you are not understanding how it works. But I can’t think how to explain it better.

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Ah, now I understand how tag tool works, it “paint” tag that are highlighted, not current tag (pencil). Thank you.

I got misunderstood that when I set current tag manually, the same time that tag will be highlighted, so it works.

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You need to be weary of the status of that toolbar, when nothing is selected, the background color is white and you then change the active Tag.
When something is selected, the background is yellow and it wil assign the tag to the selection.
The Tag tool could have had the same treatment of the Classification tags (With the classifier tool next to it) but they choose the Tag panel for adding confusing the tool-icon.
It would have made sense if they added a classifier panel, though…or remove the Tag toolbar.

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You need to be real careful what you are doing. By moving the pencil to set the tag it is possible to have an item on multiple tags, especially if working inside groups or components. A best practice is to leave the pencil set on untagged and assign items to the tag they should be on. One can really mess up a project with items on multiple tags.


Thanks for reply, I do know about that. I even made a plugin my self to set tag (back to Untagged or any tag I want) for all entities (edges & faces) inside a group /component.

About why moving pencil, I never do this like you said. I just made a random check and found that a bug but not at all. I just misunderstood the way Tag tool, one of new features of SketchUp 2022, works.

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