Sustainable Beach Community Architectural Opportunity

Seeking individual looking to get start in architectural design of what will be an internationally recognized community. The project covers 15 acres of beach front property in a tropical location completely off grid sustainability with approximately 136 bungalows natural pool boat house community buildings and a university center garden area. whoever draws the design selected will get public credit for the work and of course a sizable check. If you are hungry to get your start contact for specifics. This is a serious project and we are looking to give a new designer a start as part of our marketing strategy.

Mentioning which part of the world this is located in would help as Professional Architectural licencing issues may be important.


Suit yourself, the reality is that you’ll get a better response from the
professionals if you’re forthcoming.

Furthermore, unless there is a formal agreement in place between the party
doing the design and drawing (modeling in this case) and the party “signing
off”, there is an ethical stumbling block. In some countries the practice
of “signing off” (without any constructive and productive input and
collaboration) can get your licence revoked.

Good luck with your pie in the sky secret project. I, for one, will not be
pursuing this.


Greetings Julian
As I said I am looking for a young talent who can put ideas on paper. I
have a feeling I am going to find a diamond in the rough. Just for
information along with myself judging these submissions is a very prominent
Architect. The lucky individual is going receive a very nice check plus
will get to be part of a very focused advertising campaign. Maybe a
student maybe just a creative individual. The individual does not have to
be certified just talented with vision and willing to put forward. From
some of the submissions we have received already we are close to finding
what we are seeking. Wish you the best and thank you for your response.

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