Suggestions on Quickly Learning the Essentials for 2D Drawing


New SketchUp Free user here. I want to quickly learn the essentials for doing 2D drawings of assemblies I want fabricated. Any resources one can point to which are to the point and will help me generate these drawings as quickly as possible? A lot of the tools as a newbie are really difficult to figure out. Thanks in advance! has free courses about everything related to using SketchUp. Also check the SketchUp YouTube channel (link at the top of this page)

Also bear in mind that SketchUp is a 3D modeler. Even if you confine your geometry to a 2D plane (which requires some care to avoid issues with points going slightly off plane), that plane lives in 3D space.

Many users find the best way to stay 2D is to start with an inherently 2D surface such as a large rectangle or an image, and then pay close attention to “on face” inferences as you draw.

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