SUFace / SUFaceIsComplex problems

Ok. If you can provide us with a model and example to to repro then that’d be great. You can log it in the issue tracker:

(I’m thinking we should set up a basic hello world project that is easy to clone and use as an example for stuff like this.)

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I just made a quick test, using the Live C API with SU2019.2 and the SU2019.2 SDK on Windows. Using your example file in your first post I’m seeing SUFaceIsComplex and the SUMeshHelperRef return expected results.

The CPP file itself:

It grabs the root group, then the face in that group and checks if it’s complex and then how many triangles it consists of.

Not sure what you mean by that … ?

No the Live C API is read only. If you try to modify the model you’ll get unexpected behaviour, possibly cause a bad/invalid model, and quite likely run into crashes.

Just to be clear, you are linking only to sketchup.lib, right? For Live C API you should not link against SketchUpAPI.lib.

We need to get better documentation up for how to setup a Live C API project, but for now refer to this post: