SUCameraGet2D return 2D type camera

Hi Experts,
When I reading a model it returns 2D type camera.

    bool is_2d = false;
    if (SU_ERROR_NONE != SUCameraGet2D(camera, &is_2d) || is_2d)

Googled a while and also read the documentation doesn’t find useful information of the 2D type camera’s usage scenario and definition. When I opened the model in Sketchup I guess it might be related with matching image with model operations.

Can you share some information of the 2D type camera’s usage scenarios and it’s definition that I can read from the SDK?
For now I see two APIs are related with 2D camera, however I don’t know what information to read and how to use them to represent a 2D camera:

SU_RESULT SUCameraSetCenter2D(SUCameraRef camera, const struct SUPoint3D* center);
SU_RESULT SUCameraGetScale2D(SUCameraRef camera, double* scale);


Do you have a sample model? Just to be sure we know exactly the scenario when the camera reports as “2d”?