Subdivide Edges?

Does there exist in any preferably free extension something like “subdivide edges” or “divide edges”? Thanks.

With the built-in tools you can select an edge, right-click, and choose Divide. You type the number of segments you want and press Enter.

If you don’t see a Divide option, try Explode Curve first.

What is the reason you want to subdivide?

Divide from the context-menu will split a selected edge into the specified number of pieces.

The API has the: Class: Sketchup::Edge — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation
But you need to do a bit of iterating and length calculating to go beyond splitting an edge the once.

If you mean splitting a curve then Fredo’s BezierSpline tools contains something…

Right, thanks. That is what I would like, but how about multiple selected edges? (I should have added this initially.)

As part of another extension idea I am playing with - just wanted to save some time if something was available.

Do you want to split them in fixed lengths like 6" or in fractions like 1/4 of the original length ?
You need a dialog to get this either way ?
To process multiple selected edges you just iterate the:
model.selection.grep(Sketchup::Edge){|e| #do the splitting }
If it’s a fixed length (d) you have the len=e.length and can work out the split as n=(len-d)/d
Now e is shorter by d, so reset len=e.length and repeat…
The loop for repeating could be until e.length <= d ;# do splitting; end
Or work out how many d long pieces can be split out of the original e.length and iterate that number of times - 1 ?

Yes it turned out to be trivial - thanks for the hints.

Have a look at Fredos BezierSpline…

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