SU22 Crashed and autosave did not save 6 hours of work!? How to

SU22 just crashed after 6 hours of work, luckely i have autosave every 5 minutes … or so i thought?
Always fun when settings do not work, FFS!

Why didn’t it save a backup? Anyone?
Where can i find a hidden backup file? Anyone?

Below is what i had so far before the crash, and what was saved after the crash:

Which backup did you open?

The SKB file or the built in recovery dialogue when you next opened the file?

Good question, stil searching for the skb file…

I thought the skb file would be saved in the project folder, but no skb for my original?

Luckely i did save my work from yesterday:

C:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 202 ? \SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles
is there anything?
p.s. you could be workin in read-only file so nothing will be saved

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It’s always stored where your skp file is however I think that is the backup from when you last pressed saved and is the file before you pressed save.
If you haven’t saved in over 6 hours, then you’ll find the version of the file from the moment before you pressed save.

The autosave/recovery file is stored here


SketchUp asks if you want to open it on the next boot

If you choose to not open the recovery file and open the original SKP - it is deleted (as per the warning)

If it didn’t give the option it should still be in that folder.

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Wow thanks a hug bundle, there was indeed ONE skb file, the one i needed! :smiley: :+1:

Bit werid multiple search attempts for *.skb files on my c-drive failed, somehow it could not find it.

Anywhoe you just saved me a day of work!

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Yes, i know, but somehow this time it didnt create an skb file in the project map.
I thought i would get a reminder/question for the backup version after reopening the original file, but there was no message. Maybe cause SU did not create a (new) skb file?

Only after reopening the original and i hit save, it magicaly generated an skb file, bit to late unfortunately.

So i staarted a system search for the skb file(s), without luck.
Thanks for the ereminder where bakcups could be saved.
Again bit weird there was only one backup for today since i work almost everyday with SU on various projects.

Will have to double check next time to be sure autosave is working :slight_smile:

The User/AppData folder is normally hidden so normally omitted in searches.

Most time my TotalCommander can find even hidden files…

… just checked, and the option to search ‘archives’ was disabled (duh! :roll_eyes:) maybe that’s why it could not find it.

That could be indeed.

There still should have been a .skb backup in the same directory as the .skp file. I wonder why that didn’t happen.

In addition to saving your files locally you should be publishing them to your Trimble Connect storage so you have backups and incremental versions to fall back on if something on your internal drive goes pear-shaped. And you should probably manually save more frequently than ever six hours. :wink:

Like wise, also thought it would have saved a backup skb in the project map, like most times.
Guess it wil stay a mistery why it didn’t yesterday/today.

In the past years never had such an issue and my local backups work just fine, in combination of saving several versions (concept-, preliminary draft-, design-, final-version).
In addition, losing 5 minutes ain’t that big of a problem, but 6 hours … made me nervous hehe

Anywhoe, thanks all for your support :+1: :+1:

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