SU2019 Requires Multiple Binaries

I noticed SU2019 has two different Ruby builds. I am to release a C++ extension, I had an issues where users would complain about SU2019 not being functional. And that was due to them using an older version of SU2019. My binaries were built for the latest version of SU2019. Up until now I have been asking users to update to the latest SU2019 version whenever they have a problem with loading on SU2019. I am wondering how other developers approach this problem. Do you build just a single binary for SU2019 aka Ruby 2.5 or multiple binaries targeting the different Ruby version of SU2019? Or do you just drink your hot mocha and call it a day?

This is a good thing as cryptography and SSL libs were also updated late in the 2019 release cycle.

You may run into the same thing with 2021 as it began with Ruby 2.7.1 and has just been updated to 2.7.2.

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