SU on iPad mirroring a group reverses the faces in the exporte STL

A mirrored group exportedd to STL reverses all faces in the STL file. In a previous similar topic the advice was to go the extension warehouse for a STL exporter which could correct the faces, but on the iPAD I cannot go to the Extennsion Warehouse. How do I solve the problem?

Explode the mirrored group and make a new group.

SketchUp for iPad has no facility for using extensions.

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Thanks Dave. It is a solution but when it was a component it looses the connection with the original component where it was copied from meaning all changes later have to be duplicated in the new group.

You said you were working with groups.

What you say is true about losing the connection between the two. The mirroring transformation doesn’t change the component definition so the .stl doesn’t pick that up. Personally, when I need to export a .stl file with mirrored components I will do one of two things. Either make an extra copy of the flipped component, explode it, and make a new one for the export. This copy can be deleted after exporting. Or explode the mirrored component instance, make a new component, export the .stl, and then immediately undo the creation of the new component and the explode step.

If you save the model prior to explode, new component, and export you can revert to the saved version, too.

Thanks for your answer Dave. As I have to make 3D prints of an assembly, single components. exporting to STL is not an option for me. The best way to work around this problem is to make use of the scaling tool and scale the component by minus one to mirror the component, and place it on mirrored position. At least this is my opinion.

That might work. My slicer shows oddities about the scaled component when I use Scale and -1 to mirror the copy. It doesn’t seem to complain too much, though.

This doesn’t help with Ipad, but with the desktop version the old stl exporter from the E Warehouse by the sketchup team does export mirrored components correctly.

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Yes you are right Box, later I discovered that mirroring with the scale tool is similar to mirroring with the mirror tool on iPAD. Do you know if in the near future the STL exporter in the iPAD version will be corrected? I am working in the iPad trial version at present. Buying the iPad version for my purpose where I have to mirror lots of groups and components and later exporting it to STL for SLA printing, the iPAD version is of little use to me now.
Anyway thanks for answering.

I have no way of knowing that, perhaps @MikeTadros can tell us. It still hasn’t been fixed in the web version so who knows.