SU & Layout multi-core RFI


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SU relies heavily - for modeling operations - on the CPU, at least at my understanding and similar to the vast majority of all other CAx applications.

For a balanced system a decent GPU is surely important too, a midrange consumer series as the nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 is typically fine… besides rendering on the GPU is wanted also.


What if the Component browser ran in another thread? That way we could load components from the 3D Warehouse without blocking SU. Also you could say then SU is multithreaded, even if the modelling itself isn’t, just to end the constant requests for it :stuck_out_tongue: .


Here’s a couple of other things only tangentially related to modeling that might possibly be multithreaded:

  • Outliner
  • Instructor


File Operations


Again, that page is pretty general. It would be great to know just how much SketchUp relies on each piece of hardware. A 2Ghz processor is recommended - which really means next to nothing these days. Lots of processors now run at lower clock rates to save on power, but have the ability to boost up to much higher rates when needed. Does SketchUp need a sustained 2Ghz processor, or one boosted to 2Ghz just on occasion - would a 4Ghz HQ processor be complete overkill?

The video card recommendation is simply 3D with 1GB of memory. It would be great to know if there was a correlation between the amount of memory and size of file you need to work with. For example, would 8GB of memory comfortably be able to handle a 500mb file? How much memory would one need to work with a 1GB file.


this fully depends on the size of the specific model and therefore cannot be answered in general:

• CPU : Single Thread Performance

rule of thumb: for having the impression that the system has doubled the speed the CPU needs to quadruple the performance, roughly.

this mainly depends on the used screen resolution and therefore cannot be answered in general. Recent dedicated graphic cards do have 2 GB VRAM at least, with 4 or 6 GB VRAM most cases should be covered. But the performance of the graphics card does rely on the GPU and not on the VRAM anyhow:

• GPU : High End Video Card Performances

infinite? :wink:

surely more a problem of processing the inference engine by the CPU.


Megabytes are not a reliable gauge of performance. It depends primarily of what is inside the file, that is, the amount of actual faces and edges that SketchUp has to process. I know how to make a 1…2 MB SketchUp model that will slow a hyperPC to a crawl.


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