SU File Version Converter

With the upcoming license changes, looks like I will be downgrading to SU 2017 Make. I realize some of the extensions that I now use will not be compatible, my loss. My primary concern will be data (model) file compatibility. To prepare, I can save the newer versions in the SU 2017 format to ensure compatibility. But, what are the side effects of downgrading the data files, since the SU feature sets would be different?

On another note, would it be possible for an SU 2017 compatible extension to be developed that would permit on-the-fly back conversion of data files ( think I know the answer, but …).

But you have 2019? Why not keep a copy of the installer?

Someone has already thought of this… :woman_technologist:

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Close, but not for Mac.

Only supported by 64 bit Windows.
No Mac support!

Trying to solve a ComputerOS/SU2019/Graphics card issue. SU2017 on the same hardware works without issue.