SU 2020 OS X Catalina: Is there a GPU driver for NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB?

Duane, I’ve been using your patcher to upgrade my 3,1 also. I’ve been working on High Sierra for months with no problems. The computer will sometimes crash and restart for some unknown reason, though from reading elsewhere I suspect it could be because the SSD mounted on the PCIe can randomly lose connection. I’ve attempted at least 50 times to upgrade to Catalina but I can’t ever get to a stable install. Only one has 100% gone through and it crashes much more frequently than on high sierra. Maybe it’s the NVIDIA. In any case, feel free moving to High Sierra knowing it has worked well for me.

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That’s definitely a positive encouragement. Thank you.
I suspect that Nvidia is also a problem… based only on things I’ve read and certainly the issues I had with Catalina. But, if SU is working on the patch for High Sierra, then that is good news.

Are you also using a second monitor? And if so… also without issue?