SU 17 make is that free or not?

I Have been using SU Make for a long time, mostly for the fun of it. Haven’t used it for a while now. Downloaded the 17 version and didn’t realise it to be only a 30 day trial. So downloaded the 17 Make version to continue my model, but it wants me to get a terrain location first, but having done that it seems to block me from using my model.
Not sure what to do now, anyone any suggestions please.
Many thanks.

Under Google there was this continues free version, but with the new owners that seems to have changed a fair bit.

From what I understand, it is free.

what do you mean “block”?

Make version still can open Pro version saved models. It doesn’t really block you…

I have this strange thing happening that when I have a model open, a window pops open telling me that my model doesn’t have a geographical location and my tool chances into the orbit tool. Trying to close that pop up window and changing into the space tool in order to continue with my work that pop up window appears again changing my tool back into the orbit tool again,etc. etc.
This way Su has become useless.
Hope I have explained myself well enough. Thanks

Is is something I’ve never seen before. Is it possible you’ve got some extension loading that requires a geo-located model? Did you create a custom template? Is there a geo-located component in the template file? (Look in the In Model components window.

Do you mean the Select tool activated by pressing the Space Bar/

Perhaps we need to see this window.
A screenshot maybe?

SU Make runs the first 30 days as a trial of the SU Pro version and than continues to work with the limited function set of the Make version.
SU Make if free for non-commcerical purposes.

I am guessing that your focus is on the toolbar in the lower left of your screen. Pressing the Space Bar is activating the Geographic Location icon.

Try tapping the Tab button to see if you can get the focus off of that toolbar

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Sorry yes I mean the select tool by way of the space bar.

That’s it, you are right “The only Aaron”, that’s what the problem was. So many thanks.