Styling of cpoints/guide points possible?

I’m testing making house models using point clouds. The points are imported (dxf) and SketchUp converts them into many cpoints. Modelling using these for snapping is fine.

My question: is it possible to ‘style’ the cpoints ? like size, color etc? More visual control might be nice. Also, are there any other entities in the API to convert these cpoints to that are even more small/fine/customizable?

Generally, they should take the color of the guide color in the Rendering Options hash (style), if Color by Tag is off.

If Color By Tag is ON, then they’ll display using the layer/tag color.

Experiments show assigning a material will NOT make them display by Material. (ie, material assignments for guides is ignored.)

Thanks Dan. Changing the color is a start. Edit: especially if the dots have 75% transparency.
Sketchup.active_model.rendering_options["ConstructionColor"] =, 128, 0, 64)

Not sure what the question is, but some point import extensions will place “crosshair-like” component instances in the model instead of cpoints. These instances can be painted with materials and/or because they are made of edges, can display as tag colors when Color By Tag is ON.

@DanRathbun My question was; I’m looking for solutions to make the 100k to 2 million points visually more refined (‘smaller’) compared to using the black cpoints.
I was hoping there was another entity I could use but couldn’t find any in the API. I expect converting the 100k cpoints to 100k crosshair-edges will make things worse.

I’m testing some switches now to easily toggle between showing all cpoints and only every Nth cpoint and temporary hide the rest. This is a nice improvement for starters. Will see how to go from there.

Here’s my starting point with only one group of cpoints visible. Using the switch now, more of the 3d model is visible again and I can switch back to high res only when I need to finalize some positions of faces.

Oh yes I agree. I can see now what you are up against in the image.

I have an old vertex quantizer plugin I never released (a cleanup of an idea by Thomthom).
Perhaps it can be modified to quantize cpoints.

I do something like that in CloudCompare (using subsample to reduce the amount of points).

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