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I have the following situation, I have a model created by several subcomponents,as you can see in the picture bellow, each one has the name as seen in the structure, and although they are multiplied, almost all of them keep the name no matter how many times i copy them, however, as you see the CP28, it changes and is numbered. As I copied it, it is a dynamic component that I can change the length of, I understand that every time I change the length a new number is generated, #1#2… and so on. Anyway, they come in pairs so I don’t understand why it doesn’t recognize the ones that are the same lenght, all of this complicates things for me when it comes to make the report and accounting of the components. Well, it counts them to me as different objects. When I need to tell me the number of tubes(cp28) . What am I doing wrong?

The outliner displays the name of the component definition until the specific instance get its own name… then it turns to: Instance name <Definition name> format


The Dynamic Components generating a new component definition and insert one instance of it to the model, It seems there is no names of the instances in your model. (the instance name unlike definition name does not needs to be unique)

You could use custom reporting attributes with Generate Report.

Custom Lengths Report.skp (360.6 KB)

So, i should write the instance name in each component? The situation is this: I am the one who creates the components, as lego pieces, lets say. My colleagues made structures with these components i made, and then they have to be able to easily extract a correct report of quantities of each component. All these without my help, as they are only meant to create the stuctures, not change or mpodify the components or any “advance” uses of sketchup. I dont know if i explain my self correctly. Do you have any suggestions to do so?

You mean write inside every component its attributes as lenght etc? It could be useful but i need to find a way so that any of my colleagues, who doesnt know how to edit attributes, can get a correct report.

The Dynamic Components basic behaviour is to make a new definition and replace the definition of the instance you are editing when you a changes of any parameter. Even you change its length form 50 to 50. (The logic is: the Dynamic Components extension can not predict if you will really change it or it will be different size, it just generate a new definition and apply what you entered.)

So, if you copy the component to different place of the model and change its parameter all changed will be different component even geometrically is same.
You need to create a components and place (copy) its instance where it needed to, then do not edit.

Yo do not necessarily need to add instance names, when you change a dynamic component its definition and name will change anyway as you see above.
You can give custom parameter as advised above… (But I not really used the Generate report feature…)

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No just edit the components with scale or push pull, the name auto populates…

i will try, thanks!