Strange Tool keyboard event glitches on Windows

This is posted on the issues tracker as report #499.

I wrote a simple Tool that uses an HtmlDialog to display information dynamically while the code analyzes a model. It uses an action callback to Ruby to respond to keypress events in the HtmlDialog. In case the user does something that shifts focus away from the HtmlDialog (e.g. orbit, pan, click in the view, respond to a messagebox), the Tool also implements onKeyDown. On Mac this all works as expected. On Windows when anything shifts focus out of the HtmlDialog, the Tool will see only one further keypress. Click in the view again and it will again see only one more keypress. I think this is a bug, but I attach a sample Ruby in case someone can point out something I am doing wrong (note: zipped to make sure the forum will accept the upload). (1.2 KB)