Stipple Pattern for Construction Line Changes in SU 2024?

I was testing the Medeek Project plugin yesterday a little further in SU 2024 and I noticed that my Grid Tool does not display the same as it did in previous versions of SketchUp.

I look at the stipple pattern (valid strings) this morning and noticed that they show:

Valid strings are:

* `"."` (Dotted Line),
* `"-"` (Short Dashes Line),
* `"_"` (Long Dashes Line),
* `"-.-"` (Dash Dot Dash Line).

Whereas in my code I am using this pattern:

add_cline pt, pt2, "..."

Has this recently changed? I’m not seeing any documentation showing this change or that the three dot pattern is supported. I’m not sure what is going on here.

Maybe I’ve been using the wrong pattern all along?

So I updated my code to the proper “Dotted Line” with a single dot “.”, and there was zero difference.

I then changed to the legacy graphics engine in SketchUp and bingo the construction lines appeared as they should, however I will say they don’t quite render as good as they did in 2023 or other previous versions of SketchUp. There is something a little off when a dotted construction line is used, the dots kind of bunch up and do weird things (this could be my graphic card?).

It would appear that when the new graphics engine is being used the stipple pattern of the construction lines is ignored.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Can this be added to the todo list for the next patch of SketchUp 2024?





same issue - new engine - just plain dashes. classic engine - dots and dashes as expected.



Could be. I don’t know why you’d want to use a nonvalid argument.
But it appears that SketchUp didn’t look past the first character.

I can’t believe we are just now seeing this bug.