Steel solar structure on which solar panel are installed and earthquake level;.... working on Windows. can SketchUp do this?o

wight is almot 3000 KG kindly guide…
firdt of all i want to know does sketchup SU provide the facitly to gcalculate the bearing capacity that steel rods can can hanle hoe much weight??? if yed then how??? and if not which software is good to calculate stess or weight a material can handle?? plz dont tell very very advance software, i am alittle dumb… :slight_smile:

You need to change the ellipsis (…) to more detailed explanation. Otherwise, it’s hard to predict what you’re looking for. (?)
If you want to calculate seismic load of a structure, then I guess this does not exist for SketchUp.

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can sketchup calute stress capacity??

I’m not an expert of it, you may check e.g. this topic:

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kindly guide me about my small bulinding how i can??

I’m so sorry, but I cant! I’m not an expert, but tried to help you by posting a link to similar topic.

Again, unless you explain more specifically what are you looking for, I think, nobody else can guess what it is means : “my small bulinding how i can?”

Seismic inspection (checking the steel structures against seismic load) is a specialized profession. You may need to go to an expert, perhaps outside of this SketchUp forum.

Other forum members might have an advise.
Good luck!


Sketchup isn’t a software to make structural calculations, there are other softwares to do that, sketchup is more for the architectural part of a construction. It is possible to model different kinds of structures, steel, concrete, wood, etc. But those models must be based on the structural designs made by an engineer that usually uses a specialized software for that.


Please hire a professional engineer.


I’m an architect and believe me, if SU could do structural analysis, I’d be all over it. All you can do would be to pull out individual parts to get the physical shape and arrangements.
From there you’d have to run structural calcs in a structural software and likely design each part individually.
Likely not what you want.

And, in most parts of the world, if this is going to be actually built, the calculations and structural plans must be done by a certified professional.


SketchUp is a 3D modeling software, not a structural analysis tool. This forum is primarily here to support those looking to create 3D models… this is not the place to get engineering input. As mentioned, you should find a local engineer to help you out.