Statistics About Sketchup and 3DWarehouse


We need some statistical info about SketchUp, SketchUp Pro and 3D Warehouse for the business we want to start up for SketchUp users especially in interior design sector. We are going to use these info to show the market scale.

How many furniture producers are there in 3D Warehouse? How has it increased compared to the past? How many architecture or interior design companies use SketchUp Pro again compared to the past? What is the number of SketchUp Educational subscribes? Can we have these information segmented by countries or regions?

It will be appreciated if you can share some official documents or links.

Thank you.

reads like internal business figures the competition might be interested in, thus probably confi.

Probably some of them are confidential and some of them are not. We just want the parts that incubators and investors might be interested in.

You should contact them, this is a public forum for users.

Some of these information was previously mentioned publicly by official SketchUp team members. That’s why i ask for up-to-dated and detailed ones. Before asking them by email i wanted to follow the right way by using the forum.