Spam == not free?


you can cross me off your list if I was on it…

your image links, e.g. fail to load on Safari and cause an error which may induce an automatic spam filter…

adding the images manually should eliminate that possibility…



Hi Rafael: I’ve looked at your latest post, and I agree that it should be marked as spam. You directly copied and pasted the same advertisement onto an existing thread with the exact same content. If you’d like to share your extensions, please create new threads or respond to relevant threads with original information.


But it is HIS extension thread. He has a right to post update notices in his own thread.
This was not cross-posting from another topic thread.

And we want all his update posts for a particular extension in ONE thread.

Users that think his posts are “too loud” or “too flashy” can mute him (user prefs,)
or any of his extension’s threads (“Muted” on tracking button, bottom of each thread.)


@Caroline, @thomthom, @ChrisFullmer, @jbacus

That existing thread you mentioned is the only place in the forum where I post new updates about my ‘iSelect’ extension. Last time I checked there were 26 edits to the first post. Now, imagen if I were to create 26 different/individual threads for each update. Would that be better? No, because then it would truly be considered spam if I did. Do you agree?

Developers, know to keep track of our development process in a single place so that potential costumers don’t get lost trying to find the latest thread of our extensions.

Usually, the first post is re-edited, and because we want people to notice that something has changed, another post/reply is created with a sniped of what was changed.

At first glance, it seems like a mere copy/paste but if you update the first post by erasing the content once again for something else, that reply/copy is now the only trace left of the previous update made (an archive).


I request for @Sketchup to consider us developers as partners, and give us the respect we deserve because we are contributing to the success of the product.

I purchased a SketchUp license to do business and by censuring me that tells potential costumers that I am not trustworthy and am labeled as a SPAMMER. My business is being affected!

I am from Puerto Rico where a huge hurricane tared the island apart and more than half the population fled. I couldn’t even use the computer to reply on time to this because there was no electricity. Trust me I am not making a living as a developer but the last thing I need is more obstacles.

To solve this issue which has me very upset, please leave the policing to other developers who know how we do things. Only permit developers to mark spam regarding Extensions.

SketchUp stays with 30% of all my sells so that makes us partners, please treat me as such!

Thanks, and sorry but I am mad!




If I was disrespectful then my apologies but my goal is not to offend others. To be clear even though I am frustrated that doesn’t mean I no longer like @Caroline or SketchUp. To the contrary I admire her and the SketchUp team. But, no one likes to be censured.


Hi @RafaelRivera. First off, thank you for your contribution to the SketchUp community!

I just had to wade into these potentially dangerous waters and offer some feedback. While I am currently lucky enough to be a SketchUp team member, I worked for a company that made extensions/plugins for SketchUp as well as other software. I can say that SketchUp was the easiest platform to work on and the company works harder to maintain a positive relationship with developers far more than any of their competitors. Sketchup realizes the importance of extensions and appreciates and supports those who make them! I know that we do not have the staff to address every issue that developers may have, but I can say that we honestly try our best!

As for the forum, you have to realize two things; First, the forum is not controlled solely by us. The forum software, Discourse, automates a lot of the “housekeeping” functions. Additionally, the forum is self-moderated by the ANY members. More often than not, posts that are potential issues are flagged and removed without a SketchUp employee ever touching it. Second, the forum is not intended to be used as an advertising platform. We do allow extension developers to maintain a single thread in the Extensions category to let users know about updates and give a place for them to ask questions. Other than that, we discourage users from doing thing like diverting threads to explorations fo their offerings or digging up dead threads to offer their extensions as solutions (not saying you are doing any of this, but letting everyone know that it has happened before).

Please note that this was not meant to discourage or antagonize, but let you know MY thoughts as an individual who used to be in your position and has been able to see things from the other side.


Hi Rafael: Thanks for your message. To be clear, no one on the SketchUp team flagged your post. I saw that it was flagged and I read your rebuttal, but I was simply replying to let you know that I agreed with the decision.

It’s not that you can’t update the community about your extensions, in fact, we hope you do! We gladly welcome any updates or new versions, but please make sure the content is relevant, new, and informative and not an exact replica of the original post.

Obviously it is not our intention for your business to be impacted. I encourage you to post about your extension again, but please provide a new version number or updates about your extension, or simply explain what the benefit of buying the extension is.



Unfortunately, by taking the side of the people who silent me on my own thread I might add, you’re giving them more power to do what I believe to be morally wrong. Your voice carries a lot of weight because your views represent the company as a whole.

We are not dealing here with automated spam checks from the forum software, Discourse. This is the second time I am being silenced by a few who disagree with my business practices. And, instead of blocking me or simply having a debate like we are doing right now, they choose to shut me up and prevent access to others who might find my work useful. If @sketchup doesn’t take this manner seriously then who is to tell they’ll stop doing it to me or another developer. A red flag should be raised of how easy it is for a few people to erase my work and worst be encouraged to do so by validating their actions.

Not sure if it is a cultural thing and we are not seeing eye to eye on how bad being censured is, but I take this very personal and believe the subject to be bigger than me.

For me, SketchUp is more than a toy, it is a B2B 3d software capable of helping me support my family. Not against people who disagree with my work but let me be part of the conversation. Someone said above that the spam feature should only be used on the most extream of situations which I agree.

There is no original post anymore because I edit the first page over and over again and everything is new information yet unseen. The reply/copy is the only fragment that exists after renewing the “original post” and most important is responsible for taking the thread from the buttom to the top so people can see the new “original post”.

Anyhow, I’ll pay more attention to add additional information to the reply so people don’t confuse it as a mere copy. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if the people that accused me of being a spammer in my own post gave constructive criticism like you did instead.

Again, thanks for having this important debate with me. I am all for free expression even when it doesn’t agree with my personal views.


Something about the above comment which I made doesn’t feel right anymore. I might have to disagree with myself here and that is ok because I am not sharing facts, just opinions which are subjective.

Ok, I no longer like the idea that the SketchUp team has to walk on eggs watching what to say in order for not to break anything. They should have free autonomy and not take their personal opinions as the ethos for the company.

Caroline has every right to express her personal opinions and I was kind of contradicting myself while preaching about censorship when implying that it was wrong for her to pick a side. Don’t get me wrong I still disagree with her views but she is 100% right to express it.


I think that it is cultural. Latino and asian cultures especially seem (from “western business culture”) to be flashy, overly colorful or gaudy.

I (personally) do not care for your large icons or moving GIFs. Too much like billboards or the ad banners we try to ignore on most websites. But I don’t really care either, as I don’t need to read your extension threads.

You need to remember that the majority of paying customers are technical, engineers, architects types and react best to information presented in a straightforward technical way. In the past here, most devs had just posted notices using standard text size not crazy large header text. Graphics have been mostly limited to screenshots of extension toolbars or a video of a feature in use.

So, I think the flamboyance of your posts are what some readers are reacting to.

Personality types


I think you opened a very important discussion which can impact the success of anyone’s business. i created a new thread to deviate from the censorship topic and concentrate on why people react the way they do.


I am a complete bonehead at Sketchup. I ask really bonehead questions. I am grateful for all the answers I get even if sometimes I don’t understand them. Gradually my knowledge keeps increasing.

Having skimmed most of this thread I would offer this input:
If I ask how to solve a problem and somebody has a solution I would rather hear about it directly in my thread, even if it is an advertisement for something I might buy. I don’t have enough background sometimes to recognize the contribution of a plugin. I am, however, usually able to describe a problem I am having or something I am looking for.

I would prefer that anybody who can help me offers to do so.
If they can make some money from the offer I think that is great too.
I am learning to draw in Sketchup so I can make more money too.

PS: I am a cabinetmaker not a drafter. I have been able to increase my prices because Sketchup is helping my customers understand and connect emotionally with my designs. I am happy to share the money.


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