Solar North defaulting to green axis for all geo locations

The Solar North issue is described in more detail in this thread: Solar North & Geolocation

We’re using strictly vanilla tools and templates (in our case, Architecture Millimeters), and the Solar North issue is persistant. It is off for most places on earth.

I teach general purpose techniques for using Sketchup in an architectural process, to students with wildly different computer skills. So I try to teach the logic of the software, and the strengths of it, rather than special puprose techniques. In Sketchup 2016 my single biggest lack-of-logic-complaint has been fixed: Inference with arrow keys now works with all of the tools. That is pure awesomeness! Teach the students arrow key inference for one tool, and they can apply it across the board. That is software logic that is empowering for a beginner.

Since I teach a new batch of beginners each year, the logic pitfalls becomes apparent with the effort it takes to teach the workarounds, and the number of questions and errors coming from the students. But in essence, this post is not to make my teaching more comfortable, but to request some features that could make Sketchup more coherent and user friendly, based om my experience in teaching.