Skin on fountain


Can anyone help me put a surface on top of this fountain?

I tried Soap Bubble but cant get it to wrap around the curved slope…

SU_1xfountain.skp (2.4 MB)

Any help would be appreciated!


with Curviloft

Ohh thanks… is that a free plugin? if not could you please send me that file?

You can also draw it without plugins.

Fredo6 Curviloft - - it’s a free plugin
First, you must install -

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Start with a curve and you can edit it any way you want with native tools.


Amazing thanks!

The mindset of the Box Method is something well worth adopting.

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in the move tool, which button are you holding to alter the curve? (MAC)

I’m using the Cardinal points of the curve.
The Cardinal points of a circle are north south east and west, which is why we say you should use a segment count that is divisible by 4, this puts the cardinals at the mid point of each quadrant of a circle.
Or in the case of the curve in this gif at it’s midpoint.
To find a cardinal point use the move tool with nothing selected.
As you hover over the curve it will highlight but when you move it over the Cardinal point the highlight of the curve will disappear, click and release and you will have grabbed the Cardinal point, you can move it around, click and release to place it.


So good! Thanks for your help… works wonderfully!

OK last question…

If the top was made out of stainless steel, how would I round the edges so they are smooth and not sharp SU_FOUNTAIN_CD01.skp (2.4 MB)

The simplest option would be Fredo’s Round Corner available from SketchUcation.
Round corner

~~Minor point: this click > release > then drag to target > and again click > release sequence depends on your settings in ‘Preference’ > how you would like to draw. (desktop versions)
It could be that this is set to: click (and hold down Lmouse button) > move > release Lmouse button

(The web based versions have no option to change this to click and release and you will have grabbed the Cardinal point, you can move it around, click and release to place it.)~~


That is not click and release (Lmouse button) as you described, is it?

Exactly as I describe. Click release then there is a slight pause as I move my hand fully to the heel of the mouse. Then wave it about.

You are quite right.
I’m so used to holding down Lmouse button for any tool that requires some similar operation, that I didn’t even noticed this behavior. As they say: my bad!

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ok when I apply the rounded corners I get some funky things going on… I guess because its a complicated shape?
Is there an order I should follow?
I’ve attached a file with the original file and the one that has my crazy corners… rounded corners.skp (707.8 KB)

Try this:

  • transform group to component
  • scale up component by 100x
  • use RoundCorner or FredoCorner